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2023 Agenda

NOTE: The 2024 program is in development. Please use the 2023 program as a reference. *Program subject to modifications.

Thursday, October 26, 2023


Simulation of Dialysis Access (SoDA)

7:30 AM7:40 AMSoDA Welcome and OrientationDr. Dolmatch
7:40 AM12:10 PM20-minute rotations through each stationModerators: Drs. Dolmatch, Illig and Mawla
  Station 1: Laparoscopic Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement SimulationDr. Chang
  Station 2: Percutaneous Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement SimulationDrs. Sheta and Ramani
  Station 3: Physical Examination Done RightDrs. Urbanes, Ross and Whittaker
  Station 4: Cannulation SimulationMr. Rawls
  Station 5: Knobology and Vascular MappingDr. Labropoulos
  Station 6: PTA and Beyond: Plain Old Balloon Angioplasty, Mechanically Modified PTA Balloons and Drug Coated BalloonsDrs. Trerotola and Kitrou
  Station 7: Stent Graft Simulation in AV Access: Responsible On-label Stent Graft UseDrs. Harduin and Haskal
  Station 8: Endovascular Fistula: Single Catheter SystemDrs. Razdan and Mallios
  Station 9: Endovascular Fistula: Dual Catheter SystemDrs. Hohmann and Rajan
  Station 10: Surgical Vascular AnastomosisDrs. Fox and Morrissey
  Station 11: External Vascular Support for Surgical Vascular AnastomosisDr. Shahverdyan
  Station 12: AV Access ThrombectomyDrs. Razavi and Clark
9:40 AM10:10 AMRefreshment Break 
12:10 PM1:00 PMSoDA Lunch BreakIndustry Session

Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) Day 1

1:00 PM1:15 PMCiDA WelcomeDrs. Dolmatch, Illig and Mawla
1:15 PM1:45 PMKeynote LectureModerator: Dr. Illig
  “Moving Forward by Looking Back”Dr. Dolmatch
1:45 PM2:45 PMWhatever Happened? Cases from CiDA PastModerator: Dr. Dolmatch
   Panelists: Drs. Alvarez, Vartanian, Sequeira and Razdan
2:45 PM3:15 PMRefreshment Break 
3:15 PM3:55 PMControversies I: Home and Peritoneal DialysisModerators: Drs. Illig and Ramani
3:15 PM3:23 PMHome Dialysis in 2023: Where Do We Stand?Dr. Urbanes
3:23 PM3:32 PMHome Dialysis is Not Ready for Prime TimeDr. Urbanes
3:32 PM3:45 PMPeritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement: Percutaneous or Laparoscopic?Dr. Ramani
3:45 PM3:55 PMDiscussion 
3:55 PM4:15 PMDebate I: PD or HD?Moderators: Drs. Illig and Ramani
3:55 PM4:03 PMDialysis Should Always Start with the PeritoneumDr. Alvarez
4:03 PM4:11 PMHemodialysis Remains the Best OptionDr. Sequeira
4:11 PM4:13 PMRebuttalDr. Alvarez
4:13 PM4:15 PMRebuttalDr. Sequeira
4:15 PM5:00 PMCase Presentations I: Home Dialysis Disasters and Lessons LearnedModerators: Drs. Dolmatch and Illig
   Case Presenters:
5:00 PM7:00 PMWelcome Reception & Poster Session 

Friday, October 27, 2023


Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) Day 2

7:00 AM8:00 AMBreakfast and Industry Session 
8:00 AM8:45 AMControversies II: Percutaneous & Endovascular AV AccessModerators: Drs. Kitrou and Mawla
8:00 AM8:08 AMWhy Non-surgical AVFs?Dr. Shahverdyan
8:08 AM8:16 AMThe Elephant in the Corner: Need for Assisted MaturationDr. Hohmann
8:16 AM8:24 AMApples & Oranges: Surgical Results in the Ideal PatientDr. Illig
8:24 AM8:32 AMEndovascular Magic – Why These Techniques Should be in Your ToolboxDr. Mawla
8:32 AM8:45 AMDiscussion 
8:45 AM9:05 AMDebate II: Endo or Not?Moderators: Drs. Kitrou and Mawla
8:45 AM8:53 AMEndovascular Access Makes SenseDr. Vartanian
8:53 AM9:01 AMEndovascular Access Makes NonsenseDr. Ross
9:01 AM9:03 AMRebuttalDr. Vartanian
9:03 AM9:05 AMRebuttalDr. Ross
9:05 AM10:00 AMCase Presentations II: Endo AV AccessModerators: Drs. Dolmatch, Hohmann and Mawla
   Case Presenter: Dr. Shahverdyan
10:00 AM10:30 AMRefreshment Break with the Exhibitors 
10:30 AM11:15 AMControversies III: Access MaintenanceModerators: Drs. Urbanes and Rajan
10:30 AM10:38 AMPlain Old Balloon Angioplasty – Have We Underestimated It?Dr. Urbanes
10:38 AM10:46 AMDCBs: Will More Data Answer the Question?Dr. Trerotola
10:46 AM10:54 AMCovered Stents: When Are They Needed, and When Not?Dr. Harduin
10:54 AM11:02 AMNext Generation Covered Stents: Will They Improve Outcomes?Dr. Rajan
11:02 AM11:15 AMDiscussion 
11:15 AM11:35 AMDebate III: “The Best” Technology vs. Economic RealityModerators: Drs. Urbanes and Rajan
11:15 AM11:23 AMDCBs and Covered Stents Are a Must for All PracticesDr. Kitrou
11:23 AM11:31 AMCan We Afford a Rolls Royce?Dr. Beathard
11:31 AM11:33 AMRebuttalDr. Kitrou
11:33 AM11:35 AMRebuttalDr. Beathard
11:35 AM12:00 PMCase Presentations III: AV Access MaintenanceModerators: Drs. Dolmatch, Urbanes and Harduin
   Case Presenter: Drs. Beathard and Trerotola
12:00 PM1:00 PMLunch Break with the Exhibitors and Industry Sessions 
1:00 PM1:45 PMControversies IV: Complex Decision-makingModerators: Drs. Clark and Mallios
1:00 PM1:08 PMFistula First versus Catheter LastDr. Dillavou
1:08 PM1:16 PMGet That Catheter Out!Dr. Morrissey
1:16 PM1:24 PMLeave That Catheter In!Dr. Clark
1:24 PM1:32 PMWhat is the Role of Flow Reduction in Outflow Stenosis?Dr. Wasse
1:32 PM1:45 PMDiscussion 
1:45 PM2:05 PMDebate IV: What Do We Do with Large Aneurysms and Megafistula?Moderators: Drs. Clark and Mallios
1:45 PM1:53 PMAneurysms – Bypass Them!Dr. Mallios
1:53 PM2:01 PMAneurysms – Repair Them!Dr. Lucas
2:01 PM2:03 PMRebuttalDr. Mallios
2:03 PM2:05 PMRebuttalDr. Lucas
2:05 PM2:45 PMCase Presentations IV: Complex Decision-makingModerators: Drs. Dolmatch, Illig and Trerotola
   Case Presenters: Drs. Dillavou, Haskal and Morrissey
2:45 PM3:15 PMRefreshment Break with the Exhibitors 
3:15 PM4:51 PMNew Methods, Early Results, Clinical Trials and InnovationsModerators: Drs. Wasse and Lee
3:15 PM3:23 PMUpdate on Amplifi Vein Dilation SystemDr. Shenoy
3:23 PM3:31 PMDistal Radial Artery Access in ESRD Patients with a Novel Prolapsable Tip Access Wire: Difficult Access Made EasyDr. Qaqish
3:31 PM3:39 PMWill the Future of Dialysis Access be Nitinol Supported Fistulas?Dr. Lucas
3:39 PM3:47 PMEarly Clinical Experience with Venova Medical’s Velocity SystemDr. Shahverdyan
3:47 PM3:55 PMArk Device: First in Human ExperienceDr. Ross
3:55 PM4:03 PMRecurrent Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter Failure: Is There a Silver Bullet? Initial Clinical Experience with the Non-side-hole Pristine Hemodialysis CatheterDr. Qaqish
4:03 PM4:11 PMAlio Smartpatch: Non-invasive Remote Monitoring of Dailysis AccessDr. Wasse
4:11 PM4:19 PMA Novel Endovascular Venous Anastomotic Procedure and Device for Implantation of an Arteriovenous Graft for HemodialysisDr. Ross
4:19 PM4:27 PMFuture Innovation in Dialysis AccessDr. Tal
4:27 PM4:35 PMVessel Preparation Prior to InterventionDr. Ross
4:35 PM4:43 PMNovel Photochemical Treatment for the Promotion of Maturation of Surgical Arteriovenous Fistula: Early ExperienceDr. Singh
4:43 PM4:51 PMA Novel AV Graft Resistant to Both Occlusion and InfectionDr. Ross
4:51 PM5:45 PMStump the Experts!

Moderator: Dr. Illig
Experts: Drs. Beathard, Mawla, Dolmatch and Ross

Case Presenters: Drs. Haskal, Illig, and Sequeira

Saturday, October 28, 2023


Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) Day 3

7:00 AM8:00 AMBreakfast and Industry Session 
8:00 AM8:35 AMControversies V: Working TogetherModerators: Drs. Ross and Teodorescu
8:00 AM8:08 AMWhat is a Comprehensive Dialysis Access Team?Dr. Ross
8:08 AM8:16 AMThe Farmer and the Cowman can be FriendsDr. Balamuthusamy
8:16 AM8:24 AMA Straw Man: A Dialysis Access Provider Training ProgramDr. Illig
8:24 AM8:35 AMDiscussion 
8:35 AM8:55 AMDebate V: Who Should do What in Dialysis Access?Moderators: Drs. Ross and Teodorescu
8:35 AM8:43 AMAll Access Providers Should be Taught EverythingDr. Teodorescu
8:43 AM8:51 AMStay in Your Lane – Surgery for Surgeons OnlyDr. Morrissey
8:51 AM8:53 AMRebuttalDr. Teodorescu
8:53 AM8:55 AMRebuttalDr. Morrissey
8:55 AM9:45 AMCase Presentations V: Working TogetherModerators: Drs. Dolmatch and Ross
   Case Presenters: Dr. Shahverdyan
9:45 AM10:15 AMRefreshment Break with the Exhibitors 
10:15 AM11:00 AMControversies VI: Central Vein Stenosis and OcclusionModerators: Drs. Hohmann and Razavi
10:15 AM10:23 AMInside-Out Central Venous Catheter – Techniques and ResultsDr. Razavi
10:23 AM10:31 AMTunneled Dialysis Graft – Overcoming Central ObstructionDr. Hohmann
10:31 AM10:39 AMEndovascular Techniques for Central Vein RecanalizationDr. Haskal
10:39 AM10:47 AMTCVO – Performance Goals, Trial, and Into the FutureDr. Dolmatch
10:47 AM11:00 AMDiscussion 
11:00 AM11:20 AMDebate VI: How do We Know What to do in CVO?Moderators: Drs. Hohmann and Razavi
11:00 AM11:08 AMTCVO – We Need More Prospective Randomized Trials!Dr. Lee
11:08 AM11:16 AMNo One Will Enroll – Registries and the Like Are the WayDr. Razavi
11:16 AM11:18 AMRebuttalDr. Lee
11:18 AM11:20 AMRebuttalDr. Razavi
11:20 AM12:00 PMCase Presentations VI: Central Vein Stenosis and OcclusionModerators: Drs. Dolmatch, Razavi and Shenoy
   Case Presenter: Dr. Illig
12:00 PM1:00 PMLunch Break with the Exhibitors and Industry Sessions 
1:00 PM1:30 PMDialysis Access and the Future: Where Do We Go From Here?Drs. Illig, Mawla, Gasparis and Labropoulos
1:30 PM1:45 PMPoster AwardsDr. Illig
1:45 PM3:00 PMComplications, Near Misses, and Great SavesModerator: Dr. Dolmatch
   Case Presenters: Drs. Ross, Beathard and Shahverdyan
3:00 PM3:05 PMAdjourn – Closing Remarks