The CiDA Meeting information is coming soon; previous meeting info may be found below for reference.

Our CiDA 2020 Approach: The "PodCASE"

CiDA remained committed to holding its annual meeting in 2020. It took the form of an online, one-hour PodCASE – delivered weekly for 6 weeks, which has been recorded for you to access anytime.

What to Expect

The culture of this meeting is in its name, CiDA, the acronym for Controversies in Dialysis Access.

The kidney failure patient has complex medical needs, and optimal solutions to provide life-saving renal replacement may not be obvious. Surgeons, Nephrologists, Interventional Radiologists, staff at dialysis units, and others are all equipped with different training, experience, and expertise. All of these providers offer certain elements of patient care. But care isn’t seamless, and there are many different ways to “see” the issues that these patients face.

CiDA says, “Perfect. Bring your ideas and let’s see where we agree and disagree so we can improve care for people with kidney failure.”


Migration of Stent to Right Atrium:
The Heartbreak of Stenting


Cephalic Arch Stenosis:
Common problem; too many choices?


Emergency Access: Crashlanders Early Cannulation Graft or Catheter +AVF/PD


Non-surgical (perc) AVF Creation:
Creating Mature AV Access


Symptomatic Subclavian Vein Occlusion


Failed AVF's and AVG's - Now What?